DriveSure Data Breach

DriveSure, a company that helps car dealerships promote and retain customers, possessed 3. 2 million customer records leaked this month. Cyber criminals illegally received the data and posted this to multiple hacking community forums. The data was offered for free and included names, includes, phone numbers and emails as well as vehicle VIN numbers, service records and damage demands. The data also included information via large corporate and business accounts and military includes.

The attackers released a 22GB folder that composed of the DriveSure MySQL databases, which revealed 91 sensitive databases. The database get rid of was accompanied by PII, destruction cases, prolonged car details and supplier and warranty info and also 93, 500 bcrypt hashed account details, Risk Based upon Reliability explained in a post on January 4. Whilst security advisors consider bcrypt more secure than SHA1 or MD5, it can still be brute-forced with sufficient processing power.

The attackers circulated the repository about Raidforums later last month under the username “pompompurin. ” They wrote a lengthy redirected here post to explain why they were writing a comment the data, a behavior honestly, that is uncommon just for hackers. Commonly, they simply share precious segments or trimmed down versions of user sources.

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